Author Topic: Junkyard and the Protectorate  (Read 63 times)


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Junkyard and the Protectorate
« on: December 03, 2017, 12:22:12 PM »
So First off great game, loving it so far.

But having gotten to the end of the Scrappers and Black Eels questline, I kinda feel that while I think it was trying to go for the opening feel of Fallout 1, i.e. the conflict between Gizmo and the Mayor, it made less sense. I also feel that it could be better used to introduce the two main UnderRail Factions. Prior to the recovery of the Rail Junction Train, I had no idea that the Free Drones even existed, only the protectorate. I feel for new players this a bit of a dilemma, in that they can essentially choose which faction they can join, on a choice that is pretty hard for them to see. The solution in my view is that the Junkyard fight should correspond to the Protectorate/Free Drones fight. I.E. if you go Scrappers, they will also try to take over the station, but they will want to get aid from the SGS, specifically Tanner and Gorsky, where as the Black Eels will always use the Protectorate aid.

In game this would be based on the idea that the Scrappers want to keep to the old way of life, namely scrapping to get money, where as the Black Eels want to embrace trade with the Protectorate. I think this would make for a more interesting conflict than just they are two gangs and one wants all the power. In terms of modification to quest lines, I think the only changes would be that instead of the planting explosives, you have to find the Free Drones, the ones in Junkyard, before they are murdered to get explosives that you then plant, somewhere in the SRO, to keep the Protectorate distracted, before assaulting the docks, similar to the Black Eels quest line.

While it has been mentioned elsewhere, I would also say that when I did the final Quest, Silas died, and as a result, the effect didn't resolve. This meant that nothing had changed, where I believe it would make far more sense that if Silas dies, Colton takes over and the Protectorate annex the station, but keep Colton in charge, so for Protectorate recruits or something begin to patrol the docks, and everywhere else it is still Black Eels patrolling. Also it was kinda annoying as I lost out on Oddity XP, which considering I wasnt with Silas, is a bit unfair. Conversely if my changes where implemented, should Eddy die, Gort would take over, and SGS, will start a presence on the Docks.

But overall I must say that this game is amazing especially considering it is developed by one guy, so I have to thank you Styg, I am having lots of fun.