Author Topic: Kidnap Sarine: End Turn breaks Quest (Spoiler)  (Read 155 times)


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Kidnap Sarine: End Turn breaks Quest (Spoiler)
« on: May 19, 2017, 04:52:56 PM »
Bug occurs during the "Rathound King"-Questline from Camp Hathor.

After one found the King, the player may choose to proceed in several ways.
One way is to choose to work for him and bring him a mate. He wants Sarine from Camp Hathor.

One must incapacitate her, in order to bring her back to him.
I chose to release Hopsy and made her leave the camp. After that, one can stun her without a witness.

Now the following bug appears:
If I stun her and hit "End Turn" she will stay on red alert and I am not able to interact with her to bring her to the King. Only thing left is to kill her or leave.
(If I stun her and hit "Next Turn" she will switch back from foe to friend and I can bring her in.)

This was very annoying, because the most natural thing to do is: Hit "End Turn" and take her away before the guards show up. Instead you will have to enter next turn, which will miraculously end turn and let you finish the quest.

Quest itself was fun, many choices and much to loot, thx!