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[] Quest/Dialogue related
« on: July 01, 2015, 05:08:30 AM »
(All quest names are from Wiki.)

1. In the quest "Meet Lenox Pierce", Spectral insignia does not get taken by Lenox. It stays in your inventory, you can present it to him infinite times.

2. In the quest "Find missing combat unit in west wing", Mediant Samuel does not take your Mateo's head.(like any sensible person. then again, one of the Oligarchy did.)

3. In the quest "Meet Ohad Xander", Hercules Test Results stays in your inventory in the optimal solution.


1. One of the dialogue path of "Saban"(Foundary guard, sole survivor from the Beast assault) has shadowy face with name "Unknown" instead of correct name and face.

2. If you finish the one of the "Free drones" quest(the unnamed), the dialogue after "SRO assault" will also feature dialogue with "Unknown".
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