Author Topic: Bilocation, and the impossibility to learn it under certain circumstances.  (Read 1566 times)


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first of I'm new to this forum and the game and I really must admit

This game is awesome ! Just everything about it !

I just stumbled upon this little problem :

I'm in my first play-through and arrived at core city, actually doing the arena quests pretty succesfull.

I fought against the Stygian Enforcer, and felt the absolute need to have Bilocation.

I read up where to get the skill and there's only the possiblity to get it by focusing on the mysterious pillars either on the silent isle or
in the northern sewers.

Silas in Junkyard would give the quest if the wormhole would still exist.

I sided with the scrappers and destroyed the guys guarding it just for fun.

So no way to get to the isle this way.

the 2nd way is to side with the praetorians, and do the quest in the canalisation.

Well I sided with the Free Drones, so no Praetorians.

and that takes me to no Bilocation for me.

It is a very important skill, and there is just no way to obtain it, because I "sided" two times with the
"wrong" faction. Each of the factions is wrong in some way, but each one is also a truly
immersive experience, with unique quests and stories.

So this is a quite game breaking bug for me, because I really WANT to be that badass self copyiing mage

So perhaps give a possibility to any faction to enter the northern sewers in core city or just listening to
the story of the captain directly in junkyard, for example as a little quest to have a drink with him, get
him drunk, he tells about himself on the island and so on, with a little treasure quest :D ?

Just an idea, to fix that.

Best regards,



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Actually you don't need to side with black eels to get bilocation. Just do the bilocation quest for them and that's that. Granted if you don't do that from the start the story is different, Maybe Styg could make Silas not part of the gang and his quest always available.


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I just looked up that old post of mine ist it fixed ?


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I'm afraid that's working as intended. There are some mutually exclusive choices, but as Elhazzared pointed out, everyone gets a chance to visit Silent Isle before their final faction choice in Junkyard.

You could export your character, import it to a new game (you'll get to keep your exp and items) and this time make sure to not miss Silent Isle. (I'm not 100% sure if it's possible to learn Bilocation from the Core City sewers mysterious pillars, never tried going all the way there on a psi character while purposefully skipping Silent Isle.) For the release version, you'll have to start a new game and a new character.

PS. if it makes you feel any better, Bilocation isn't quite as powerful as Stygian Exorcist at the arena makes it to be. Normally it has 10 turn cooldown, but he has something special that drops it to 1 turn.
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