Author Topic: Foundry Quest lines: reduce walking  (Read 590 times)


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Foundry Quest lines: reduce walking
« on: May 18, 2015, 06:10:48 PM »
Minor rant about Foundry: this location is huge and as you need to travel a lot between SGS and Foundry you need to spend a lot of time just walking, which is simply boring. Founding the Mayor is a bit difficult and Notes log doesn't give you exact details on what you need to bring to SGS. In my opinion the quest line should go something like this:
-Put Mayor's office into the first part of the city.
-When first chatted, you should be given a hint about the recent deaths which keep them busy and is the reason why they don't have the time to deal with you
-After presenting the murder evidence they should give the quest to investigate the creature. Here you should be clearly stated to capture one alive and gather a blade from a bladeling and take them to SGS
-At SGS Quinton and Ezra should study the creatures and give the PSI tool right away.