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Bugs / Re: A bug with the Free Drones questline
« Last post by PhrygianDominant on Today at 10:17:49 AM »
I don't think anyone reported this before, at least as far as I can remember. But yes, it's an issue. That dialog branch will need some minor tweaks, as it appears that specific case wasn't handled properly. Currently there is no way to resolve it on your end, but it shouldn't really affect much else, if anything, from that point onward. :) And sorry for the late response.
Bugs / Re: combat hangup after killing enemy
« Last post by Styg on Today at 09:40:15 AM »
I am also having this issue.  All combat will result in the hourglass spinning after killing an enemy.  Currently stuck in the first quest (killing the rathound to retake the outposts and get the tissue sample) as killing the first rathound will not end the combat.

Core i7-6820 @ 2.7 Ghz
16GB ram
GeForce GTX 980M
Win10 64bit

From what people reported, it seems to be an issue with changing audio output devices during combat or something like that. Did you perhaps plug/unplug your mic or something similar?
Thank you, great post.
Development Log / Re: Dev Log #51: New Weapon Types
« Last post by Firestalker on Today at 07:10:23 AM »
Looks great, looking forward to it. Keep up the good work. Is there already a release date?
Development Log / Re: Dev Log #51: New Weapon Types
« Last post by scotfree9001 on Today at 05:11:24 AM »
This game took up most of my hours of gaming in 2016

And now to hear it is coming out with expansion or dlc is the best new I've gotten all day. I can't wait to roll a new character with the new weapons in the dlc. I can't finally make Shedder from TMNT.

Thx Styg, keep up the good work

Development Log / Re: Dev Log #51: New Weapon Types
« Last post by Yonaiker on February 21, 2017, 10:42:09 PM »
Time to role-play a Spear-machete Maiden clad in Super Steel Armor, Sorry Balor's hammer, you got replaced. Can't wait for the Unique variations.
Development Log / Re: Dev Log #51: New Weapon Types
« Last post by Altos on February 21, 2017, 10:22:02 PM »
*sees "shotguns" and "Underrail" in the same Dev Log*



I never thought I would see the day! I recall you mentioning long ago how difficult it would be to implement shotguns and other new weapon types into the game, since you would have to change the fundamentals of all the animations. I am amazed and beyond impressed that you actually went through all of that labor just for these new weapons (and others in the future). You guys really are the best! :D

I love the versatility you have added to shotguns; the different pellet types allow shotguns to function well at various ranges, a fact that I think will really make them popular choices for all situations.

The new melee weapons are fascinating additions. My favorite part has to be the fact that I can now play as a futuristic legionnaire with some shielded riot gear and a spear. Viva la Roma! :D

The addition of special attacks to certain weapons I think is an excellent idea. I imagine that the unique weapons will carry some pretty interesting attacks, no?

Lastly, I cannot wait to see what feats you add for the new weapons (alongside the awesome Veteran Feats). So many potential builds, so little time!

Excellent work as always, you guys! <3
Development Log / Re: Dev Log #51: New Weapon Types
« Last post by Fjodik on February 21, 2017, 09:50:35 PM »
Hey Styg, great to see some more content for expansion. Honestly, shotgun looks awesome, hopefully many components may be assembled to it. Is shotgun intended to be a solo weapon, I mean can we use only the shotgun in the whole game or it is rather complementary gun for specific circumstances?

As for the spear and machete I do not know whether these fit in the game lore well, but we shall see.

Last but not least, still on track for 1H/2017? It would be great if you could keep monthly updates regarding the new content and other stuff.

Thank you for your work.
Development Log / Re: Dev Log #51: New Weapon Types
« Last post by hilf on February 21, 2017, 08:01:31 PM »
Unique graphics for energy and chem guns, hmm, nice.
Development Log / Re: Dev Log #51: New Weapon Types
« Last post by Hazard on February 21, 2017, 07:11:21 PM »
Ok. Heh, I was kinda hoping you'd redone the assault rifle animations, because for reasons unknown I greatly dislike the hip-fire style shooting. Oh well. :D
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