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Suggestions / Re: Chemical suggestions
« on: December 13, 2017, 04:59:43 PM »
Tchort is evolution, Mindless.

I'm aware cryogun is nice, i was using it alongside other chem pistols before they were buffed. In fact, Arena spectators named me Mr Freeze :)
I was focusing specifically on how belts affect different chemical pistols and cryo got short end of the stick here. But thanks for input, broader perspective is always good.

There is one more problem:
5. with Mad Chemist iceblock lasts 2 turns and belt debuff will wear off together with CC. You often don't want to attack CCed enemies so cold damage amplification will be wasted.
Increasing debuff duration to 3 turns would solve it as well as DOT problem described in my first post.

Tchort guide You.

Suggestions / Chemical suggestions
« on: December 12, 2017, 08:03:51 PM »
My chemical belts observations:
1. Pyro and acid pistols benefit from chem belts more than cryo because they have DOTs. Additionally, acidgun produces puddles.
2. Cryo pistol has dual damage type but belt only applies debuff for cold. Because of this not all of cryogun damage benefits from debuff.
3. Cryo debuff synergizes less than others. The only other reasonable cold dmg source is Metathermics. For acid there are 9mm pistols, ARs and xbow bolts, and don't get me started on sources of fire damage. There are also traps but cold damage on them is lowest. Unique chemgun is of acid type.
4. Damage amplification is applied before DOT so it also gets removed before DOT ticks for second time.

I think cold pistol could use some love. Some options:
a) Make belt amplify mechanical damage as well. This is pretty risky so i'd rather avoid.
b) Turn all of cryogun damage to cold. Not much but always something. It would explain why belt does not amplify mechanical damage.
c) Add some kind of a cold DOT. This DOT could be used in other cold damage sources as well.

I was surprised when second tick of fire DOT was not amplified by debuff. Is it possible to apply debuff after DOT? It should solve this problem. Other option is to extend belt debuff duration to 3 turns but this could affect balance unnecessarily.

Chemical ammo is damn heavy, 2.5 times heavier than biggest bullets. Some weight reduction, perhaps?

Other observations:
Chemgun damage feels serious now, at least on Hard.
I like Cooked Shot. Good for spawn killing (pun intended).
Using Kneecap Shot with cryo pistol will not apply Vile Weaponry debuff. If cryogun is not a cold weapon, i don't know what is :p

General / Re: Post your experiences with the new Dominating difficulty!
« on: December 12, 2017, 03:26:54 PM »
These new, random encounters, can they happen on all difficulties? Have you seen any yet, and where can they appear??
I hope I will meet some on normal difficulty as well.

On Hard, I met 2 Ironheads on the way from SGS to GMS, in a location previously occupied only by rathounds. Maybe it was a random encounter.

I know i'm not really worthy to post in this elite thread for truly hardcore players since i play on Hard but i did not want to leave this question unanswered :)

General / Re: Infused Rathound leather armor
« on: December 10, 2017, 07:23:27 AM »
I should mention that goggles don't seem to affect the critical chance on energy or chemical weapons. I don't know if this is intentional or not.

You mean Seeker Goggles? I just checked and they did increase crit chance of my laser and cryolator.

General / Re: Infused Rathound leather armor
« on: December 09, 2017, 08:56:44 PM »
I just tested this by looking at the combat status, offense tab, and can confirm it only works for weapons and not psi. I'm not sure about combat utilities (grenades, throwing knives, etc) but I don't think the bonus applies - Survival Instinct and Recklessness certainly don't.
I thought survival instincts applied to psionics though.

It does. It doesn't to combat utilities.

General / Re:
« on: December 09, 2017, 11:53:09 AM »
Currently i can raise my lvl and skills to high values and pick high lvl feat as my first. It would be cool if your tool could prevent that since it's possible to calculate player lvl and max possible skill values from number of selected feats.

Bugs / Re: [] Newton does not survive being saved
« on: December 09, 2017, 07:00:06 AM »
Maybe Newton died from sheer fright because he was too much of a wussy to handle the new difficulty level?  :P

He can't even handle Hard.

I don't think it was officially annouced:

Energy and chemical guns now have unique sprites! One for each category.

Stronger psi beetle, that's what i wished for.
Steadfast Aim now needs 5 STR, that's what i asked for.

Laser is faster than firearm guns just like 7 years ago, Styg got it right the first time. Range is still not greater but i'm not complaining.
I was about to express my butthurt about chem pistols but then i checked those new belts on wiki and decided to stfu.

Unique chemical pistol is missing its damage bonus.

General / Re: Version Class ranking
« on: November 26, 2017, 11:30:42 AM »
First time i finished UR i used a combination of 3 bottommost options. Hard in the beginning, somewhat easy near the end. Normal difficulty. And it got nerfed :(

My second playthrough was with topmost option from your list. It's interesting that a build with Psychosis, a feat that takes more than it gives, made it to the very top.

General / Re: Shattering without Cryogenic Induction possible???
« on: November 23, 2017, 05:16:32 PM »
Mechanics shop in Rail Crossing is a good place to buy chem guns components.
Fixer in Junkyard can sell them too.
I'd also check general stores in Foundry and CC as they sell all kind of stuff.

Shop offer gets upgraded at certain points in the story. I'm fairly sure first such point is completing drill parts quest.

Well, one Telekinetic Punch, with 12+ Willpower, Force User feat, Telekinetic Proxy active, Psionic Mania, Neural Overclocking...

Say you are Level 12, with the above checked and only 3 strength, you are looking at one 100% guaranteed hit, for about 700 mechanical damage on average. And it only gets better with subsequent levels.

That is not so bad, for going the Psychosis route. Perhaps a bit boring, if you do it in every single combat =S
You're missing Thermodynamic Destabilization from your equation :)

I should make a list of the abilities that CAN crit really, since there's not that many.

- Pyrokinetic Stream
No, it's bugged. Also, it does not trigger Mania.

- Psi-cognitive Interruption (?)

General / Re: Minor tips and tricks for Underrail
« on: October 15, 2017, 06:38:43 AM »
I rebound enter turn based from Enter to Tilde. Way more convenient this way.

Bugs / Re: My usual bunch of glitches\bugs.
« on: October 08, 2017, 07:20:54 AM »
Found 2 oddities on body of Faceless Centaur - bug or is it normal for it?
It's ... odd.

General / Re: Do the ambush feat work with various utility attacks?
« on: September 21, 2017, 02:57:05 PM »
Can anybody confirm if ambush affects chemical pistols? (It seems like it should, but the ammo is unconventional.)
It does.

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