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Bugs / Using Blueprints
« on: July 16, 2015, 06:32:52 PM »
I encountered a very specific bug when learning blueprints. I have a faulty mouse that sometimes clicks when you release the button and double clicks when you click once. Anyway, when I have two blueprints one next to the other and I click to learn one my mouse does an extremely fast double click, the other blueprint gets bumped up and is clicked on as well and I only learn one of the blueprints while the other just disappears. It's important to note that I couldn't replicate this bug intentionally by clicking as fast as I can but I did encounter it several times.

Suggestions / Traders
« on: July 14, 2015, 10:50:14 PM »
Why do traders only buy a certain amount of items and only change inventory after 90 minutes?
What is the reasoning there? To limit the players funds? Well we know that obviously doesn't work, seeing as players are running around with thousands of charons. I heard a few people say that they leave the game running so that the inventory refreshes. I stopped playing for an hour and a half because I needed a specific part for a certain craft. If you want to make the economy harsher you should make traders charge more and pay less. If you want to force the player to play with suboptimal gear the condition for restocking should be something other than real time or just existing in the world shouldn't be free, you need to drink eat etc. I don't like it but that would be an actual incentive to play while not geared up.

The randomness of the stock carried by traders. I don't know how many times I pressed the F9 key while playing this game, not because I died mind you, but because I wanted something from the trader. Someone made a suggestion about super steel. Pay more for the chance of higher quality. You pay 3k you can get between 80-170, pay 4k you get 90-170, 5k 100-170, with maximum being let's say 120-170. The numbers are not as important as the idea. You pay more you get more. I think that's a great idea that should be implemented with traders as well. Some sort of black market where you can order specific items. You can control the minimal quality of the item somewhat and you can obviously control what item you're getting. The problem is that ordering it is much more costly than stumbling on it at a trader and buying it. You are paying for the guarantee of getting what you pay for.

These design decisions, whatever the reasoning behind them is, seem to waste more actual time than anything else.

Suggestions / UI suggestions
« on: July 14, 2015, 10:18:28 PM »
I'd like to have an option to turn off the "bump up item" the inventory does. I want to organize all the items on the "All" like I want so I won't have to go to specific pages to find what I'm looking for. If I put an item in the bottom corner I'd like it to stay there even though there is an empty space between it and the other items.

I would also like an "All non-quest items" page. That's obviously not a big deal if the first suggestion is implemented.

An option to increase the "split stack" bar. Even better an option to type in how many stacks you want to split.

Bartering having a value indicator on each side. I'd like to know exactly how much my side is worth compared to that of the trader's.

An option to store items in containers or item piles by double-clicking, same way it works with traders.

Inventory should automatically close when you finish or cancel a transaction with a trader.

General / Pistols, I don't get it
« on: July 13, 2015, 10:34:30 PM »
I made a pistol build that looks something like this at level 8:

Str 6
Dex 12
Agi 3
Con 3
Per 8
Will 3
Int 7

Skills I'm maxing:


Biology (Occasionally take points from throwing and lockpicking with the final goal being bio 50-60)

Feats in order:
Power Management
Mad Chemist
Steadfast Aim

The purpose of this specific build is to use chemical pistols and energy pistols. One will obviously be the electroshock pistol and I'm not sure about the second one.
Truthfully, the reason I was interested in pistols is combining electroshock with rapid fire. Three bouncing electric projectiles with a high initial critical hit sounded pretty good, apparently too good, since it obviously not so obviously doesn't work. Thing is though, without that, I don't see what pistols bring to the table that other guns don't when it comes to effectiveness.

Yes, chemical pistols have their on hit effects. Yes, the crit chances you can get are quite high. Neither of those things seem to matter.
The damage source of pistols is high crit chance, but how high is it? At best it gives you +30% with a weapon that can shoot 3-4 times at different targets. The more useful option is probably the electroshock which gets +20%, it has the added disadvantages of being potentially harmful to you up close, depending on enemy position maybe even far away. Even with crits damage can be lackluster due to high damage spread.

After getting commando assault rifles can reliably kill two targets per turn, depending on positioning it might be possible to use burst as a pseudo aoe. SMG's are in a league of their own being able to fire as much as 28 shots per round as early as level 8 if you don't mind munching on burgers.

Seeing as I didn't take the build very far all of this might change but burst capable weapons seem much better. One shot did minimal damage? One shot missed? There are 7 more coming after it.With SMG's constantly fire with chances as low as 40% and it makes no difference, all that happens is that everyone gets hit anyway, and again, you have 3 more bursts to follow up with.

Are my opinions correct or am I doing something wrong?

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