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Dear Underail'ers, 

FYI game-designer overlord JDA now has an updated Wiki page; see link.

It chronicles the main aspects of his career;
- working on Fallout (mainly 1)
- Leaving Interplay/forming Troika (+ his role on Arcanum and Bloodlines)
- Taking a hiatus from the gaming industry
- joining Interplay (again)
- Goodbye Project V13, hello Wasteland 2
- Evolving into Turtle Rock

Bugs / {WINE} Bugs running latest Alpha Version on Mac
« on: June 05, 2015, 07:15:29 AM »
Dear all,

just purchased the latest Alpha Build on Desutra - (couldn't resist), what a game! All the improvements since the demo are awesome!!  :o

However, I did experience quite a few gliches when running the game. I use the empty Wineskin Wrapper from CPLR (see below), and run the game on a 2010 version MacBook
I know its a Windows game so I cant expect direct support. However, I thought maybe other Wineskin users have encountered similar issues? Or, indeed, the Windows users might have fixes for it?
Here we go with my bugs:

1. Transition bug
Whenever I transition from one area to another, the game crashes to the main menu (with error message). I then have to load the last autosave to get to where I was going. Happens when I take the elevator, leave/enter an area etc. Not a game stopper quite annoying. Especially during 'forced' transitions (such as intro, Azef Psy quest etc.) at which point the game goes black.
EDIT: will try to find the transition log and upload it

2. Sluggish performance
overall, the frame-rate drops to a halt rather often. Especially in combat or when there are many characters on screen (not so much an issue in the starting area)

3. Sound effect stutter
the music plays fine, but sound effects such as opening a barrel etc. "stutter". Also, sound effects for guns are missing

4. Save game failure (minor issue)
Every time I fail I get the message "error! File could not be saved" although it saved just fine

Any other Mac/Wine user with similar issues?
any info on workarounds?

Thanks a lot!

And thanks to Mr. CPLR for the wrapper...

System Shock 2 uses Wineskin to distribute the OS X version on steam, so this is a potential way to distribute the game to Mac users, FYI.

edit: I zipped up two different Wineskin apps - one with the demo pre-installed and one without. Currently uploading, I'll provide links when that's done...

OK.. first one is done. This is just an empty Wineskin app bundle with all the necessary winetricks. "Show Package Contents" and open the there. Use the Install Software button to install your copy.

Here's a version with the demo pre-installed, to see if it works for you:

General / - let's get Underrail on!
« on: June 03, 2015, 06:59:16 AM »
Hey all,

It seems more or less given that Underrail will be on when it is released.

Nevertheless, we can help boost the game by voting on the GOG Wishlist:

Let's help promote this game on GOG! Cast your vote now!!  8) 8)

- Digg

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