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Bugs / [] Wounded Man random encounter bug
« on: January 19, 2018, 08:15:12 AM »
Wounded Man doesn't respond correctly in dialogue after healing him. So talked to him three times and he died with _full health_. Encountered this bug in my several runs.
And another thing - encounter will fade away completely(with Wounded Man, Lurker body, etc) if you revisit area several times even if you talked to Wounded Man.

Bugs / [] Electrokinesis jump to target crashes the game
« on: January 11, 2018, 07:46:45 AM »
Still having this bug, so I stopped to use Electrokinesis... This bug is not triggered when targeting 2 auto-turrets, only living targets. Can't say for sure what condition, but usually encountered this bug when figthing several lurkers.

Suggestions / Speed-up turn-based-combat
« on: December 25, 2015, 09:19:49 AM »
Suggestion - make combat speed multiplier 1.5x, 2.0x, 2.5x, 3.0x. When you killing hordes of monsters in Deep Caverns that will help much, thank you.

Site Feedback & Suggestions / Time Zone change (?)
« on: April 07, 2015, 06:50:19 AM »
Is it possible to change forum time zone?

I can't seem to find how to change the time zone on the forum. I looked in the profile options... nothing about it there.

General / Let's talk about new PSI System!
« on: March 27, 2015, 09:39:51 PM »
New system was made newbies life with underrail "mages" easier and in the same time harder at the high levels.
bla-bla-bla. My main reason for this topics is new psi costs rebalance.

Telekinetic Punch and Pyrokinesis costs 50(60 with Psychosis) PSI points - 1/2 of "new" PSI bar(100). All others(that i have obtained) costs a lot less...
Cryostasis cost - 10, Forcefield - 20, Electrokinesis - 15(14?), Neural Overload - 5 (xD)
So Cryostasis, Neural Overload and Electrokinesis - generally "spam" abilities for now(psi regen is 20/turn)

P.S. I can somehow understand Pyrokinesis cost but Punch!?

Site Feedback & Suggestions / Suggestions for forum
« on: December 17, 2014, 09:56:50 AM »
1. We need Spoiler Tag - weak point of many forums.
2. Some Underrail themed avatars for users =)

!First of all - I'm not native english speaker, but mb my observations will help you guys!

Fastrunned New 0.1.13 Version:
1. Completed all old ones questlines, except Gaunltet(it's too meeeeh): Main questline, SGS, Junkyard, Black Eels, Camp Hathor, Rail Crossing
(but failed "Lost train" mission and by the way it is very strange/stupid that it not even possible to defuse bomb but anyway), Foundry, Core City, Arena and 2 Other quests.
2. Completed 3 quests from Jack and A guys (I assume the they are "the super secret ones"). And no more quests for me... Jack says about waiting some time but it no work for me =(
I must say that this questline is the most interesting and confusing at once, expecially "the murder case" hehe (I thought it was another guy and all the evidence was against him).
3. Found no way to join Protectorate or Free Drones... I think "initiation quest" is related to the events in Junkyard(documents, support Eels, Abram) or Rail Crossing (Lost train). But it's only my guess...
4. Portraits are cool but not every NPC has it's portrait for now.
5. At the end of this run My level was 19.5 (well... i can destroy big Protectorate outpost for guaranteed level but 1000hp drones gives me creeps). Not even 20!!!
All this exp changes are a bit too far in my opinion. Interesting what situation will be when the cap will increase to 30.
6. Overall I'm satisfied with new music but my favorite "music in the mushroom cave" seems to have changed and disappeared =(
7. Scavenger shop! - some high level craftables here(up to 114 quality, hehe). Real paradise for high-int chars)   
8. Good Lord we have fast swap hotkey now!

Bugs/Strange things that I encountered:
1. Energy shield emmiter can take any leather(ex. Mutated Dog Leather) to the "Shield Emitter Base" slot.
2. 1000*lvl exp rate not 1250*lvl as was announced.
3. "Pyrokinetic Stream" ability does not work well with Premeditation (you need to get closer to use this ability in it's full strength)   
4. Can't correctly complete "Catch the med thief" quest after "Lost Train" failed quest.

Some Questions:
1. It is possible for me to begin Protectorate/Free Drones questline or i need to start a new game?
2. Only 3 quests from Jack for now?
3. Head of the beast. What can i do with it?

Some Suggestions:
1. Cloacking Device is lame. Amount of stealth is too low (less than or equal to Black Cloth) and requires constant source of energy. Please improve it.
2. "Friendly Fire trigger" needs some improvement (for example, when allies are on the acid stains from your chem-gun, they automatically turns hostile. It took me 5 reloads in "Black Crawlers Fight" before I figured it)
3. Some invenory tweaks - By the middle of the game inventory turns into the messy dump of money piles and plot items.
3a. Make stacks of money from 999 -> 99999 or 99,999 (something like that) or hide them from general inventory screen and insert some money indicator.
3b. Hide Plot Items from general inventory screen (can make it optional via game settings) or create keyring where you can see your keys.
4. "Night Vision" perk will be great for some high Perception+Stealth builds. At this the moment NV Googles - Only one source and it's kinda sad =(
5. Ability to attach Mods to existent weapons. I have a good pistol and why I must search for new components to craft another one if i if I already have one! I'm only want to attach LS mod.
6. Less Energy consumption for Energy weapons/tools and/r More capacity for Plasma Cores. Even with Power Management perk Energy weapons(They are especially!) it's not too fun to play with.
Why? Because all you doing is reloading this f*king guns with this f*king batteries. 30 energy bat is too small and 100 bat is too big! Meh... 24 energy per shot? Niceee One!
Having some Regenerations Vests by the way? Oh, and this magnificent googles? and Shields and etc. Realoading and realoading all the time!
in such a situation, it is easier to throw away all energy gadgets(except googles, they are too useful!) and take the good old .44 Hammerer!
6a. Constant energy per shot values - 6/9/12(laser/electro/plasma) or 7/11/15 without any feat/mod.
7. Exp for persuade/intimidate options.
10. Psi-abilities is indeed powerful but some "mana shield" ability or simple "% shield" that reduce incoming damage will be very useful (for enemies too!)
11. Rework boots encumbrance - for now they are garbage in comparison with Tabi Boots for any builds except pure Tanks.
12. Rework Shroomhead feat - very weak feat even for early game. Something like 7-10% of your max psi and +1 max capacity(mindshroom hunter btw!) for every collected one. Not imba for sure... useful even when you have 99 psi-busters in your possesion.
13. More Quest-rewards feats(Like Hunter) or "Training" feats for people who can afford it(~5000 charons for feat will do)
14. Increase Dodge/Evasion cap to 70%. Dodgers want some love too!
15. Cold damage is too rare in this cold terrible world(If I am correct only 2 psi-abilites). In my last run i'm suffered 0(!!!!) points of cold damage! ZERO! for the whole game!
16. No Big Bad Bosses for 5000 hp with very hard combat in plans? =)
17. More unique armor/weapons for players who love to to explore the world.
18. Crafting requirements can be very high for some schematics(e.g. 114 plasma pistol = 142!!!! skill reguirement for electronics even without amplifier) - crafting tools(like for lockpicking and hacking +5/10/15) or get some help from NPC's.
19. Bioblocade Feat from Doctor (As quest reward or for money) - bio damage resistance/threshold. Very suitable thing under such terrible live conditions...
20. Eviscerate - 50% damage is too low for such "high-level mighty" feat. 75% is ok. But this feat is not really imba (trust me, you can kill any foe is much easier with a good pistol).
21. Skill points bonus for high-int chars. Currently Intelligence - very strange attribute and having high INT is not rewarding enough for any char.
22. Heavy Armor feats(Walking Fortress) - like if you have 95% armor penalty you'l get additional bonuses. Very situational feat (you can't achieve it at an early stage of the game and 95% - really bad) which is limited limited to crazy heavy tanks.
23. Most Important One - This game is in serious need of map(!!!!!). It any form and it any cost.
Even with all my experience from previous runs and with the help of holy maps from wiki I encounter difficulties with orientation. Casuals will be freaked out.

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