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Suggestions / Chemical suggestions
« on: December 12, 2017, 08:03:51 PM »
My chemical belts observations:
1. Pyro and acid pistols benefit from chem belts more than cryo because they have DOTs. Additionally, acidgun produces puddles.
2. Cryo pistol has dual damage type but belt only applies debuff for cold. Because of this not all of cryogun damage benefits from debuff.
3. Cryo debuff synergizes less than others. The only other reasonable cold dmg source is Metathermics. For acid there are 9mm pistols, ARs and xbow bolts, and don't get me started on sources of fire damage. There are also traps but cold damage on them is lowest. Unique chemgun is of acid type.
4. Damage amplification is applied before DOT so it also gets removed before DOT ticks for second time.

I think cold pistol could use some love. Some options:
a) Make belt amplify mechanical damage as well. This is pretty risky so i'd rather avoid.
b) Turn all of cryogun damage to cold. Not much but always something. It would explain why belt does not amplify mechanical damage.
c) Add some kind of a cold DOT. This DOT could be used in other cold damage sources as well.

I was surprised when second tick of fire DOT was not amplified by debuff. Is it possible to apply debuff after DOT? It should solve this problem. Other option is to extend belt debuff duration to 3 turns but this could affect balance unnecessarily.

Chemical ammo is damn heavy, 2.5 times heavier than biggest bullets. Some weight reduction, perhaps?

Other observations:
Chemgun damage feels serious now, at least on Hard.
I like Cooked Shot. Good for spawn killing (pun intended).
Using Kneecap Shot with cryo pistol will not apply Vile Weaponry debuff. If cryogun is not a cold weapon, i don't know what is :p

Bugs / Ambush disabled by saving.
« on: August 05, 2017, 07:35:51 AM »
1. Download a save
2. Aim at armory guard. THC should be 89%.
3. Quicksave.
4. THC is 75% :(
5. Quickload.
6. THC is back to 89% :)

Same with manual saves.

Suggestions / New feat: Toyslinger
« on: November 12, 2016, 09:03:38 AM »
-4 AP to fire chemical/energy guns
+5% THC with chemical/energy guns
6 dex
6 per
25 guns

-4 ap for energy is about equal to -3 for firearms because energy/chem are about 1/3 slower than firearm pistols: 22 vs 16 (fastest), 40 vs 32 (slowest). And i'm not taking rapid reloader into account.
AP reduction is a very good fit for those weapons because of how on-hit effects work and 4 out of 6 have them. Oh, and there are those unique pistols with on-hit effect as well.
Sure, someone who manages to max DEX would get some 'nice' numbers for some chemenergy pistols but i'd not say those numbers are too 'nice' because you can't max DEX without sacrificing something: you won't have all of Steadfast Aim, Sharpshooter, Practical Physicist/Mad Chemist. And since SA works well with Sharp and PP, and MC helps chemguns greatly at not sucking, you typically want all 3 (4).

+5% THC is to differentate it from Gunslinger, to balance it with Gunslinger and to give chemenergy what they need. Chemenergy not only have lower range than firearms, which affects THC, they also can't mount laser sight. Even laser pistol is less accurate than average firearm with laser sight. Another reason why accuracy is important for chemenergy is that they need to roll twice to do their job - first for hitting and then for their on-hit effect, so chances for on-hit effects are actually lower than item description states. Plasma pistol needs it badly as well since missing with it sucks as much as missing with sniper rifle and plasmas don't have innate accuracy bonus, huge optimal range nor ability to mount scope, like SRs do.

This feat is also a non-crafting feat and ... yeah, that's also what chemenergy need, since firearms have Rapid Fire, Gunslinger and Expertise.

Requirements are just what i felt would fit. DEX is there due to AP reduction, PER is there due to THC bonus, both are at 6 because both Point Shot and Steadfast Aim are like that.
Ditto for Guns 25.
I was thinking of "X electronics or X chemistry" requirement, as using those weapons without crafting is pretty mad (but not Mad Chemist!), but it does not quite fit a non-crafting feat.

Bugs / Double healing from Infused Mutated Dog Armor.
« on: March 09, 2016, 05:31:07 PM »
Health hypo gets boosted by armor to 127 HP in description and is boosted again when you use it.

Quote from: LightningMonk
Kept that one to myself before I completed my last playthrough. :P

PS: fixing it will not make my Synergistic Glass Cannon build any worse, you'll just use Adv. HHs instead of standard ones.

WARNING: After balance changes from (and Gunslinger bugfix from i don't know how viable this build is.

The goal was to make a build that can do everything, which obviously is not possible. But i am pretty happy with my results anyway.

It's not a build for beginners as it lacks defense. Well, passive defense, at least.

It can not into psi. But psi is basically just a weapon and we're going to use other combat tools. Many of them.

I really don't know if it's viable for hard difficulty. Zero passive defense can make you die incredibly fast, but maybe our active defense would be able to carry us.

Weapon type that fits best into this build is, well ... not the best one, but at least it's not a crossbow.
It's pistols and not even firearms but energimp/chegimpal pistols. But we'll manage!

This build has good initiative, good secret detection, good traps detection, excellent fishing, good active defense, can open any doors. It's great for exploring the game but you need some experience with combat or you'll die.

Ability scores:
DEX 10 (+6)
PER 10

We're starved for ability scores, hence no Steadfast Aim for us. But it's not very important for this build. We'll manage.
Enough PER for Sharpshooter, max DEX for attack speed and skills. 4 AGI is enough for our stealthy needs. 7 INT for crafting perks (important) and skills.
130 carry capacity is bad for a trap user so Pack Rathound is something to consider. You can also craft infused pig boots with +30 capacity.

Guns        135
Throwing    55

Stealth     135
Hacking     85
Lockpicking 50
Pickpocket  38
Traps       55

Mechanics   40
Electronics 110
Chemistry   83
Biology     95
Tailoring   110

Persuasion  60

There are some unspent point you can use to raise crafting should the game throw some q160+ components at you.
We harvest some real benefits from our godly DEX: throwing, traps, lockpicking and pickpocketing can be half skills and still effective late game. We get some benefits from synergies as well. We also gain significant combat benefits. Marvelous.
But our INT is not far behind as we develop all 6 INT related skills. 40 (50) mechanics to craft adv. repair kits, breaking things apart and using metal plates for traps. High mechanics does not give us any significant benefits and that's because we focus on energy/chemical pistols. With all crafting bonuses, however, we can use surprisingly good ballistic panels (up to q108 i guess) but because armor penalty is bad for this build riot/tact vest is not out armor of choice. Early game we can craft 35 AP sniper rifle, quaff adrenaline shot to have just enough STR and shoot twice per turn. I haven't try this but it's and option to consider.
Enough hacking and lockpicking for endgame checks with the best tool.
Bio/Chem get sweet synergy bonus. We'll be able to craft the best stuff. Fishing for components is very easy with our DEX (and x5 speedhack). We'll also benefit from crafting chemical pistols. Synergies of this build just don't stop to amuse me.
Crazy tailoring is not needed since we are not going to craft ancient rathound armor.
60 in persuasion (with +2 WIL from Surprise) is enough to pass most check in this game. There is one Abram check that may require more but no more than 75 (effective value). There's one 110 check in DC but it only allows to skip a fight that is easy for this build anyway.
At lvl 20 with 38 pickpocket and 16 DEX (+1 from food) we can pickpocket Coretech oddity which was my goal. 35 should do the job if you are willing to savescam junkyard surprise.
Hint: you need 90 traps to recover Spoiler King's traps. Jackkinfe and Trapper's belt can help.

Aimed Shot - Our bread and butter ability. Needed for Sharpshooter.
Nimble - Good for our sneak and movement points. We can even get some extra dodge/evasion from tabi boots.
Critical Power - Crucial feat for our primary tactics.
Power Management - Crucial feat for our defense as it buffs energy shields. We need defense badly. Will also make reloading your EW more ... manageable.
Ambush! - Crucial feat for our primary tactics.
Gunslinger - I like cost reductions in my RPGs. I also like resistance reductions, in case you want to know. More pew pew is good.
Opportunist - There will be many, erm .. opportunities to use it coming from traps, taser, cryogun/acidgun/shockgun, crawler poison.
Quick Tinkering - Good active defense, great vs melee. Helps enabling Opportunist.
Practical Physicist - Useful for all energy guns that we are going to use.
Sharpshooter - Same as Practical Physicist but includes all chemguns as well.
Mad Chemist - Mandatory for cryogun - 2 turns of iceblock are MUCH better than 1. Increases DOT damage for 2 other guns which is nice for acid and very good for pyro. It could be skipped but chemguns are soo fun i simply couldn't resist.

Skinner - To craft some badass leather armors. Skip if you prefer riot/tact vests but leather armors is what i recommend.
Recklessness - Good if our primary tactics does not work (rarely happens) but not critical (pun intended).
Pack Rathound - Useful for someone with 3 STR and traps in his backpack. But with speedhack i've managed without it. Once i got infused pig boots i was doing just fine.
Quick Pockets - We can certainly make use of extra utility slot and reduced cost of switching weapons. Handy, but second tier.
Three Pointer - Works great with our DEX. Works with Molotovs too. Once Molotov's burn damage is fixed it's gonna deal some apex damage on crit.
Grenadier - We can make good use of that one. Works good with Quick Pockets and Three Pointer but taking all 3 of them is difficult.
Point Shot - Smart plasma pistol's best friend. Take it if you like smart plasma. But this build is more about default attacks with laser and accuracy drop with range is not good for us which makes this feat a second tier. It has non obvious synergy with Grenadier as it allows us to loose only one laser shot if we throw a grenade.
Execute - Good feat and we have options to make it work but short range is bad for this build. Second tier.

Kneecap Shot - Bleed from energy/chem guns is immersion breaking. Also i'd take Point Shot and Execute before this one which leaves us with only one perk to spend. Avoid unless you just love smart plasma.
Steadfast Aim - Would probably be better than Recklessness - 1% less crit for our primary weapon but no extra chance to get critted. But we simply have no spare points for STR.

This build has moderate feat requirements but because it can use so many of them there will be some tough choices to make.

Our weapon of choice is Amplified Laser Pistol, others will be Amplified Electroshock, three chemicals (+ one unique) and perhaps Smart Plasma. Of course we will be using SMG for quite a long time because they just roflstomp pistols that much. We'll switch around lvl 14. Laser's range is good for getting benefit of Sharpshooter and precision bonus is unique among many weapon types. It's not always the best choice tho, shockgun will be better vs clustered groups or energy resistant enemies like Spoilerless or metal armor jerks.

Our default armor is Infused Pig Leather Armor + Boots. On lvl 20 it adds about 200 HP ... to our 300. It's like jumping from CON 3 to CON 8. It's sick for a glass canon like us and would be even better on hard. +30 carry helps alot. Boots are galvanic for some zap resist. My current armor gives me 61% mech resist, about 75% vs xbows/hammers/wildlife and about 90% vs knifes/fists. q160 leather + skinner.

Our secondary armor is Infused Mutant Dog Armor and Infused Siphoner Tabi. You can use Siphoner Tabi with primary armor as well, they are just that awesome. Mutant Dog is for our secondary tactics. Certain Special Armor from Military Organization can also be used - better resistance but worse stealth.

Because we are neither Tranqulity psion nor Neo we'll be using efficient energy shield. And that's good since it synergizes well with Power Management.

For exploration we'll use trapper's belt. It's also good for placing traps. For combat it's gonna be either groin guard or doctor's pouch for tougher encounter. Once i crafted my pig armor i discarded groin guard.

Smart Googles by default, Seeker Googles in larger fights with spread out enemies. Seekers will eventually become useless for our primary tactics.

How to play:
Reroll into an SMG user. J/k of course but with little modifications this build can be tailored for SMGs.
We'll stick to our toys however, since they're just sooo fun to play.
Use your stealth to start combat on your own terms, use bear traps to disable melee and hide behind a corner to avoid getting attacked.
Use out of combat gas grenades for encounters you can't win otherwise. More on that later.

Strategy 1: Ambuscade!
Stay in shadow and Ambush! enemies who are 'enlightened'. If they are not then throw a Molotov and make them! I can't stress enough how much i LOVE this feature of Molotovs. Underrail rocks for allowing creative gameplay like this. This is why Laser rules: your range allows you to ambush enemies at the other side of fire zone, you also don't need to move much and will get sharpshooter bonus more often.
Ambush is rather tricky. Sometimes it wont work where you think it should. Sometimes it's the opposite. But incendiary nades were pretty consistent at enabling it, contrary to flares and pyrogun.
Quicksave tends to disable Ambush! while quickload can remedy this.

Strategy 2: (spoilers) XALnage!
There's unique acid gun called XAL and it's really badass. There's a serious flaw, however - you will hit yourself as well! With our secondary armor set we resist 80% of that damage (or 100% with Special Armor) and are immune to acid entaglement. 80% is good enough as your armor will also increase healing received. Now we can enjoy carnage ... erm, XALnage! Melee gets raped by acid entaglement, shield emitters are mostly bypassed and Opportunist is easily enabled. Entagled enemies can be treated with pyrogun - if they catch fire they won't run away, will probably die from DOTs and maybe even enable ambush for you :D Fun!

Strategy 3: Gas cheese
Place yourself out of enemy vision range, enter stealth, enter combat aim your gas nade at closest enemy (or a tile not further than closest enemy), step back, end combat.
If it does not work choose a tile closer to you.
Use cont. grenades if you don't care about looting health hypo (and you shouldn't since you can craft them) or ice grenade if you do (in that case you need to make killing yourself but Hypotermia and iceblock make it much easier).

Bonus video: Underrail 1st Institute mission, sneaky assasin (no longer possible, apparently there was a bug with sound generation that got fixed).

Bugs / Incendiary granade burning damage too low.
« on: January 28, 2016, 08:07:09 PM »
It's 100% of original damage, should be 150%.

Bugs / Throwing knife damage vs armor calculation
« on: January 27, 2016, 04:01:11 PM »
armor 46% / 23

throwing knife 31 dealt / 41 resisted

and for comparison:
sniper shot 292 dealt / 248 resisted

Bugs / Respawning enemies always drop same items.
« on: January 19, 2016, 08:31:17 PM »
Where's RNG when we need Him!

General / Praetorian Security gone nuts.
« on: January 09, 2016, 07:45:46 AM »
They are killing everyone they see. Except me.

It started after i killed burglar in a house in front of their HQ.

General / Matt Chat Styg interview
« on: January 04, 2016, 05:45:36 PM »

Suggestions / Weaker DOT not replacing stronger one.
« on: January 03, 2016, 01:35:39 PM »
Now it does and it sucks.
I'm talking abouts DOTs that do not stack like burning.

Also if your enemy is burning and panicking, another burning will add aphobia, but enemy will still panic. Yet another burning will remove panicking.
I think aphobia is applied too soon in this case.

Suggestions / Currency priority when trading
« on: December 29, 2015, 05:51:03 PM »
When i click "Auto" while trading merchants will offer me SGS credits before offering Stygian coins.
For player it's reversed - your Stygian coins are offered first, SGS credits only if you dont have enough stygs.

I'd rather see it the other way around simply because Stygian coins have broader usage.

Now i'm manually dragging currency i want to trade which it defeats the purpose of "Auto" button.

Suggestions / Blitz not taking all MP
« on: August 02, 2015, 05:28:42 AM »
Blitz, after nerf, can't use more than 60 MPs so maybe it shouldn't take more than 60 as well?

Suggestions / Flexible Nimble
« on: July 19, 2015, 09:25:29 AM »
I like feats that scale with attributes, Conditioning for example. It would be cool if Nimble worked like that as well and instead of fixed armor penalty reduction it would give, for example, -(10+agility)%.

General / Steadfast Aim requirements.
« on: April 10, 2015, 05:55:28 AM »
Does this feat really have to ask for 6 str? Before it asked for 5 and i already felt like being forced to raise my str.

Now pistol builds need more str than sniper rifles.
That's just one point less than Full Auto.
No pistol have any str requirement, not even Hammerer, but suddenly there's a pistol feat asking for 6.

At the same time we have Concentrated Fire. I can imagine it needs high STR to counter that recoil.
But how much STR does it ask for? Zero. Big fat zero with a slash through it. It wants PER instead.

It makes harder to find points for raising INT so i could try all those new cool crafting feats. :'(

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