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Bugs / Lenox Pierce
« on: January 05, 2017, 02:43:54 AM »
Well this mission is bugged for me.

Jon never told me that someone (mordre) was looking for info on him 2 months back. I cannot pickpocket mordre cause I have no skill for it. I cannot kill him with traps because he is superman surving both the TNT and 11 traps, 2 tier 1, 9 tier 2 (cause that's as high a skill I can use).

Obviously I cannot confront him sparking a combat that will not get the SGS out for my blood since no one ever implied him in the murder and Lenox just won't accept me giving him all the other evidence and pointing to him.

I've tried playing the game again, probably won't be going much further in as the carry weight and inabillity to sell even minimal quantities of stuff really kills the game for me but I've noticed a few things that might need to be addressed.

The first is newton's quest. Azuridaes are a bit too tough an opponent to fight so early on. While most characters can take them on with reasonable ease so long as they don't get close to eachother, if you aim for a character that fights unarmed or possibly with combat gloves, then this becomes an unnecessarely tough fight. I had to just waste a bunch of grenades because unnarmed combat was not possible and throwing daggers were laughable... In fact, I think throwing dagger's damage is pretty laughable in general, it's a nice addition but I think the damage output of them should be slightly increased.

The second has to do with stealth and it's nothing new. It happened before and it still happens. Some enemies (especially the dangerous ones) seem to just instantly detect you when you are in stealth. In this specific case I was at the GMS mission, when south of the GMS cause I know there are the lunatic bandits there, a tough fight before but still doable. I have maxed stealth, even if only agillity 5.  I get close to the dog and he doesn't detects, me bar starts going up but as soon as I am within range of any of the lunatics they instantly detect me for no reason. I am way too far for the bar to even go up on any other enemies, at the point where the eye is green but at a going down rate, however for them, as soon as it's close enough for the eye to show, it immediatly goes red and starts combat... This happened before, it also happened a lot of time with mutants (and the weird thing is that sometimes it happened sometimes it didn't, there was neither ryhm nor reason to it)... It becomes hard to relly when stealth when it doesn't works half the time for no apparent reason.

Let's Plays / Let's Play by Elhazzared
« on: October 10, 2013, 12:01:55 AM »
So I've started a let's play myself with what I consider to be an optimal psiker build. If you guys are interested then check it out here. - part 1 - part 2

Suggestions / Final thoughts and sugestions
« on: September 30, 2013, 08:02:37 PM »
After playing the game for a while some of my previously made points were indeed made moot, but of course first impressions are first impressions and one should always bear that in mind. After finishing the game and I will still say I have by no means tested it extensivelly here are my thoughts on it.

Money is still a problem at the beggining, even with mercantile it do is a problem. Now granted, the problem solves itself once you start investigating Depot A, but that is already the end of the available game and again, I had a lot in mercantile. I was also going down mainly on psionics and crossbows which are about the most inexpenive way to go. My sugestion here is to slightly lower prices all across the board and especially lower them on ammo. I was able to aford ammo cause I played with a crossbow, if I was using any other gun for which ammo is more expensive I'd probably be hurting.

Starting enemies are too tough.. Well, honestly not that tough, the may problem is the starting armor being increadibly bad. It's not that it isn't doable but the beggining is kill a pack of enemies or two at best and then go back for free healing. I feel it would seriously improve the starting if the character started with an armor that had hade 20%/4 mechanical. Eventually you get one, even if by the end of that mission without paying for one but doing the mission is just a pain in the ass with all the going back and forth just to save money. This wouldn't really affect the game that much, just make the start less of a go back pain in the ass especially with the timer on the double doors lol.

Cooldowns need to be toned down a little bit. I can understand game balance preventing grenade toss after grenade toss but please do tone down the cooldown on the health hypo. So many times the amount of damage bing thrown at you requires more use or just spending 3 hours trying to get the perfect start for a fight and being lucky enough to get too many attacks in a round.

Saving in combat. Please, for the love of everything that is dear to you. Let me save at least at the very first round of combat. How many times I forgot to save for a while and tehn combat comes in, I realise that if I don't pull it right I'll have to go back a lot! Either that or have an auto-save everytime you enter a new instance.

Everything is too weak when compared to psionics. I don't know if this is intended but quite frankly with Psionics alone I can deal with everything, even if that doesn't always makes it easy. Psionics only make things easy on one vs one fights or agaisnt 2 guys. Most situations it's still planning and adapting. However if you opt for a non psionic weapons won't do. Now I dunno if others managed to ever do it without psionics but I honestly can't, unless I'm being able to stun a lot of people, deal a massive amount of damage across multiple enemies and such, many battles seam to be impossible. For example dealing with the burrowers without psioncs at the GMS? Nope, not a chance in hell. With psionics it's possible but it requires fighting by the entrance and exiting and entering in combat. Still the difference is from completly impossible to barelly doable... As for the mutants in depot A. Somehow I doubt that I'd be able to get through that without psionics. The way to deal with this would be to buff weapons slightly and make much better abillities for weapons to put the at the level of psionics or perhaps learned abillities for the weapons like you do on psionics.

Range on weapons still seam to be incredibly bad. just a few squares away it's already a massive accuracy loss, only the sniper seams to be able to deal with that problem but it shouldn't even be that problematic. Now I belive that the problem here is the scaling of the weapon's skills. You can keep on raising but it barelly has any effect at all. Raising the scale would possibly fix this.

The thing I explored least was crafting. I do know that crafting will allow me to get better stuff than I normally find in shops, the problem is aquiring the materials early on. Cause you need to be lucky on drops or find them for sale and most of the ties materials are incredibly expensive for early game. Another problem that arises is that many craftables require 2 different types of crafting skills which can be quite problematic to say the least. I'm not sure how to solve this to be quite honest. Saying that all mats should be avialable and cheaper could very adversly affect the economy of the game so I can't offer a real solution here but something should be done to make crafting viable early rather than something you'll only be able to start dipping into after 10 or 15 hours into the game.

Suggestions / First impressions
« on: September 25, 2013, 02:09:49 PM »

I've played only this game for about 5 hours, I've finished a couple of quests already, after a few retries and trying to manage the character in a way that it would actually work and this are my first impressions about the game.

1 - I really like the game, it has a good concept and loads of potential the like I haven't seen in a long time.

2 - The money seams to be a bit of a problem early game. I've noticed people say that in the long run you'll have much more than you'll ever need but innitially it's a sad state of afairs when there isn't even enough money to buy bullets and this is quite problematic. At least ammo should be more inexpensive.

3 - Mellee is bad right at the start. It is managable a couple levels later into the game but initially it isn't an option because enemies cause way too much damage, even the rathounds. This ties into the expensive ammo. Mellee at the start of the game should be plain better to be an option not to have to spend money.

4 - Early enemies are a bit too tough. The main problem here lies again on the starting amount of health in relation to the damage they pull out and number of attacks and the fact that they just hit almost every single attack. This ties with the problem of mellee not being viable at the start.

5 - Distance. Although I understand the nature of the game, so far all encounters have been at extremelly close range. The caverns have little in the way of open areas, it's nearly impossible to actually get to see an enemy and start the combat first and place good pop shots out of a good distance, this becomes further more problematic with the distance most enemies can cover in a single round of movement.

6 - Weapon effective range is incredibly bad, maybe it's just pistols and SMGs but the fact is that even at 25 skill on guns, shooting half the screen away is nearly impossible to hit. This ties to the distance problems there was already.

7 - This is more of a personal preference rather than an actual problem so take it with a grain of salt. I'd prefer not to have action and move points separated. I am against being able to move and still be able to make all attacks. If you move you should already be losing some attacks. Again, this is personal preference.

8 - Healing. Going back and forth to the medical office is an incredible pain in the ass. There should be a way of mundane healing, think of fallout 2 first aid and doctor skill. Just use it even without any kind of item and get healed.

9 - Psi energy non regenerative. I do know you guys are trying not to go there but to be perfectly honest. It's not even worth it to pick Psi skills if you're not going to be able to regenerate the Psi energy. think of it this way. Psi rechargers are incredibly expensive which means I won't gain any energy at all! If I'm making a Psionic talented character whose whole idea is to just throw psionic attack after psionic attack (because that's what a psion should be doing), not throwing a few and then resort back to guns for however long it takes to get enough money to sink into psi rechargers. Psi energy must recharge in order to make full psions viable.

10 - Lockpicking should have probably been done more in a fallout style. You can do it even without tools, it's always something you can do. Tools just provide bonus and they shouldn't be wasted on use (cost increasal since they are not singular use). I have a problem where I have boxes which I need electronics to open but I don't even have a form of electronic lockpicks to open it which is just dumb. There isn't any for sale anywhere and having to go in the game god knows how far just to grab some to then have to backtrack and open all those boxes is not right.

11 - Cooldowns. The enemy of mankind in any game. It makes no sense you get a cool down on throwing grenades, using stimpack and so on... I can understand that perks which give you abillities need a cooldown, but quite frankly as far as perks go I'd prefer that all or almost all of them would be passive bonus rather than active and have all cooldowns removed from the game... this not to mention the wait time between entering and leaving the bunker. The first time is cool, after 20 times it makes you want to tear your eyeballs out.

12 - A minor thing which can easly be fixed. Please make a dialoge box open on conversation ala fallout style. Having a small box down there with very small letters makes people not want to strain their eyes to read it and since the RPG element is very import, it would be go a great lenght to just implement a way to make it a lot easier to read.

13 - Almost forgot this one. Having to repair items is ok but the way they degrade is extremelly fast. To exemplify I can't even finish the first quest without repairing my pistol and there is only a few rathounds to kill, I even killed the "boss" with his rathounds with the explosive barrel so I even wasted less shots and as such, durabillity there. There is some work needing done here, either buff up durabillity a ton or just remove it entirely.

Thus far this is all I can remember. Please do not think i'm raining down on the game. I still like the game and tehre are lots of positive aspects to it, I belive the most important feedback however is what needs to change.

Edit: For some reason the first time it didn't posted everything.

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