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Gort from Junkyard sometimes sell it.

Bugs / Re: Force Field ends at different points during the turn
« on: February 16, 2018, 08:41:14 PM »
It has initiative of 0 :p

I have same experience as you do but it seems like it's ending at the very end of a turn for quite a long time now (quote from 2014):

Quote from: Styg
Ok, the thing is - your buffs "tick" at the end of your turn. So if it says two turns, it will expire at the end of your next turn. FF expired slightly later because it's an environmental effect and it's "tick" is triggered last during the turn no matter when it was cast (after the player and all the NPCs have acted).

Maybe some baddie has bested you on initiative roll?

General / Re: Stealth Build w/o crafting viable?
« on: February 16, 2018, 08:28:39 PM »
As others said, lower your Pickpocketing. Hardest check i know of needs about 120 and is unnecessary for someone with that high hacking. I wouldn't go over 100 effective skill.

You can also take a few points from Hacking to leave it at 130. You want that much without any hacking tool for hardest check.

Suggestions / Re: Overcharged Plasma feat?
« on: February 02, 2018, 09:17:27 PM »
Plasma is most likely too specific.

I'd rather have something for all energy pistols. I like the idea of overcharge and it does not need to be a feat.
Currently we can recharge EWs with batteries and any energy above weapon capacity is wasted. Maybe that excess energy could make EWs overcharged? Overcharge level would depend on amount of energy wasted on reload.
Recharging EWs with full energy would not be possible, maybe it's already not possible, i don't know.
That would give Plasma Cell another purpose.

General / Re: skill point / build ? for a relative UnderRail noob
« on: January 31, 2018, 03:27:14 PM »
110 Persuasion and 130 Hacking is enough. You need that much Hacking without any tool for ultimate hacking check.

General / Re: New update - vendors not updating their stocks
« on: January 28, 2018, 02:42:14 PM »
Sell or buy something, then wait for reset. It helped me in such scenarios.
Might be a bug.

Bugs / Re: [] effective skill in level up menu
« on: January 20, 2018, 10:14:59 AM »
Not a bug, you're getting bonus skill levels from synergies: Lockpicking and Mechanics.
Synergies can't push effective skill level beyond maximum investment value.
Maximum investment value is level dependant and equals to 10 + 5*level.

Hmm, maybe inactive robots are equivalent to dead creatures. Dead don't care for your crits (:

General / Re: No-crafting exploration build?
« on: January 08, 2018, 08:44:14 PM »
There are some objects in game that will reveal information if player char has enough will. One of them needs 7, not sure about others but with 10 you should be good.

Thought Control can unlock information in 2 dialogues but i don't remember skill levels.

A proper exploration build should get at least enough will to unlock information from objects i mentioned.
Taking 10 WIL, Locus of Control and raising Though Control will give you a very powerful options vs living enemies.
Robots can be handled with sniper rifles or whatever firearm you fancy. Maybe crossbows can handle robots too, i've got little experience with them.

Suggestions / Re: A feat for using carapace in crafting
« on: January 07, 2018, 10:52:51 AM »
As far as i'm aware Riot Gear with Shield is not very popular, it could use some buff.
And it's one argument more for unnerfing infused leather.

I was comparing unique items to generated ones. I totally agree crafts are better than uniques.

Unique items like Mind Cracker or Kukri might be underperforming due to another problem:

Styg loves damage.
It shows in several places. Weapon damage grows with weapon quality, skill level grows with character level and multiplies weapon damage, attribute points multiply skill level and they grow with character level too.
Second nerf to Taste for Blood did not touch damage at all, it completely removed attack speed instead.
Combo nerf did not touch damage at all but divided stun chance by 5.
Recent buffs to energy/chemical pistols are mostly "throwing damage at the problem". (Attack speed changes for laser and chemguns are in large part unnerfs).
Infused leather got nerfed so leather armors block less damage than before.
Contamination debuff exists.
W2C/JHP bullets exist and were even made craftable so players can use them even when not really needed.
And there's more.

I did a comparison of Syg MPX and autogen Steel Cat (ok, not really it was a crafted Steel Cat with one mod (most autogen have 0 or 1) that can be rolled on generated SMG). Steel Cat had slightly higher quality (durability 2040) and Syg still won:
Slightly lower damage but much narrower damage range;
5% precision + 5% burst vs 10% burst - very close but i slightly prefer 5%+5% because precision works with normal attacks too;
5% more crit damage;
bigger magazine.

Besides, why would i need a crafted or generated weapons (assuming the latter are better then uniques) if unique weapons do totally fine? I've used Syg MPX ona a pistol build in DC and it did fine with standard bullets on new Hard.

Some of them provide something autogen loot does not.

H&K chambers 9mm bullets.
Tommy Gun chambers .44s.
Jawbone and Wasteland Hawk have 150% crit damage. Jawbone's crit chance sucks but it does not matter for Deadly Snares or Aimed Shot.
Kukri has 20% crit chance and can cripple its target.
Dragunov shoots twice per turn.
Steyr only needs 5 STR and has extra range.
Mind Cracker cracks minds.

There's actually a comparison of one gun on wiki:

1 more optimal range vs   1 less max damage - i'd rather have range
1% more critical chance vs   1 more AP cost - i'd rather have AP cost, but i'm biased towards cost reductions in video games
10% more critical damage vs   5% less precision bonus - i'd take crit damage; it would be precision but Gluck already has 10%
5 more magazine capacity vs   360 less durability - extra mag capacity without question
1.1 less weight vs   5552 less value - i care very little about 1.1 weight but i don't care at all about value so unique gun wins again

Second most important thing: Neo Luger is of higher quality - 1050 durability vs 1410.
Most important thing: Neo Luger is crafted.

I didn't pick "that one unique that by some miracle happens to be better than crafted weapon", it's first unique i found (if not the only one) that is compared to something on wiki.

Bugs / Re: My usual bunch of glitches\bugs.
« on: January 06, 2018, 07:26:31 PM »
Rathound King is just that good :)

The one thing I don't like though, which also confused the ever living fuck out of me is that if anything, I was expecting unique weapons to get buffed across the board, not a few getting nerfed.
Maybe somebody else can let me know why the ones that did get nerfed deserved it because I haven't actually used those ones but nothing about them jumps out at being nerf worthy to me.
I've always thought that unique weapons were underwhelming and I'd like to see them get bumped up a bit in terms of what they have to offer. I wouldn't mind there being more in the game too.
Obviously at the end of the day they should never be able to beat craftable weapons (since you're investing valuable skill points & in game materials & currency into creating them) but as of now they really are pitiful in what they offer.

I'm pretty sure unique weapons are not supposed to match crafted ones, but to exceed auto generated stuff.

We should also not forget weapons have something like level. Low level unique item does not need to be better than high level autogen. Good indicator of item "level" is its durability.

General / Re: So I heard a rumor....
« on: January 06, 2018, 07:19:56 AM »
So it's not just a legend!

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