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General / Re: Eviscerate mechanics
« on: Today at 01:50:08 PM »
50% bonus damage for each bleeding wound. So if Eviscerate removes 1 bleeding wound, it deals 150% damage. 2 wounds, 200% damage. 3 wounds, 250%. And so forth.

General / Re: feedback about my last build
« on: October 20, 2017, 07:14:01 PM »
The Wiki used to say any wound would apply it (even tho in the feat requirements you can guess it). My bad!

Nah, that's my bad. I wrote that bit back when cold weapons were the only ways to apply bleeding wounds (and I've never tested if vile weaponry acually works with shrapnel bullets - it shouldn't per the feat description, but you never know) and I only remembered to change it after seeing Hazard's remark about it in this thread.

edit: don't feel like doubleposting, so here.
-Will I be able to CC enemies with Psi abilities in DC, so that I can neglect their evasion and have a chance at shooting at them?
-Does Special Tactics cooldown start AFTER you fire the 1st bolt (so that by incapacitating everyone you can use it again after 30s), or does it take 30s AFTER you close combat?
- Sure, why not? It's not that different from rest of the game, but there's a lot of enemy variation - some have rather high mechanical resistance (bad particularly for crossbows), some are immune to crits, and your character will be generally less effective in combat under certain effects. Also, depending on your choices you might have to fight enemies that can temporarily inhibit psi, so knowing how to craft psi reinvigorators might be useful.
- Special Tactics cooldown starts as soon as you activate the ability, so it's even better than you expected.

Suggestions / Re: Steam Cloud support for savegames.
« on: October 19, 2017, 02:11:16 PM »
Oh yeah, should probably post this here as well.
Apparently Valve has increased the cloud save size limits since Styg last checked, so steam cloud saves should be a possibility. But it's not a priority right now.

Well, saves in Underrail top out at around 40 MB each
They already go beyond that and keep growing with each expansion... :)

Yes yes yes, don't do ANYTHING that would delay the expansion !

Don't worry, Styg isn't interested in fixing such trivialities while there are more important things to do! :) FYI there will probably be a patch to the base game before the expansion. If not, they will be released at the same time.

General / Re: Arena nicknames
« on: October 19, 2017, 09:10:30 AM »
Yeah, I think so. All matches count towards the nickname and the conditions are the same as Steam stats/achievements. Maybe it's not much of an accomplishment, but it's supposed to reflect your fighting style or maybe a cool trick you did that the audience loved - sometimes you might only throw one random grenade in one of your early matches and still be eternally remembered as Super Bomberman. :)

You should be able to get Crosshair/Angel of Death pretty easily even in 1v1 matches. Stun/root your enemy (do not incapacitate, that would let you end combat which counts as successful restealthing for Apparition), enter stealth, snipe them down the next turn.

General / Re: anti-Carnifex cheese
« on: October 18, 2017, 04:34:36 PM »
I do remember when the psi pill had no health cost (I think that was only added in closed beta/1.0 release), during the last months of alpha. You could plink away at doppelgangers with Neural Overload without any skill investment, and that helped a lot at making you feel like you weren't totally powerless against them... Even if the actual effectiveness of 0 skill Neural Overload in that role is pretty nonexistant.
Yeah... I didn't mention that because it happened later and I'm not so sure if it has worked out well. On paper it's a good counter to the fact that psi builds always have more control than non-psi and thus they can be expected to take less damage. But in practice it seems to just have raised the metagaming threshold for playing psi hybrid builds, sans the classic psi monk. People tend to go all out psi or avoid the pill.

I think it's nice that the system doesn't encourage plinking the early missions with free zero-skill psi anymore, but what can change the nature of metagame?

Taser frankly does still need it

This thread might be a good place to note that there are some very minor inconsistencies in the Dodge/Evasion numbers shown at Combat Stats as well. As you probably know, all immobilization/freeze/incapacitation/stun effects drop D/E to zero, but this isn't always correctly reflected in Combat Stats.
When immobilized, evasion is 0 and dodge remains unchanged according to the combat stats window.

Are you saying it's false and dodge is reduced to 0 as well? It's been a while since I last played a dodge/evasion or melee build.

Yes. I also saw the discussion on that, which is why I thought to post about it. However, note that NPCs can miss a player of 0 Dodge/Evasion due to other hit chance factors. There have also been some minor changes and bugfixes to special defense mechanisms and immobilization, but more on that in a devlog.

This inconsistencies in Combat Stats are mostly tied to special cases like total weight encumberance (which is technically an immobilization effect, even though it's not a normal status effect and anti-immobilization effects don't work on it) and some special sources of other control effects. This probably won't be tweaked before the expansion is out of the way.

This thread might be a good place to note that there are some very minor inconsistencies in the Dodge/Evasion numbers shown at Combat Stats as well. As you probably know, all immobilization/freeze/incapacitation/stun effects drop D/E to zero, but this isn't always correctly reflected in Combat Stats.

General / Re: feedback about my last build
« on: October 17, 2017, 07:17:48 AM »
Many builds indeed get noticeable benefits from venturing in the 10+ region, I'm not denying that.

For a somewhat relevant example, if lewis_cb is planning on using crossbows for crowd control with special bolts (instead of leveraging psi cc to help crossbow precision) with 10 per, that would probably necessitate the of use standard scopes to keep hit chances at comfortable levels. Especially against particularly evasive enemies and/or without night vision.

Anyways, I just wanted to take a moment to write down and clarify (to myself, at least) how much 10 to 16 base ability really does. I actually thought the skill modifier would give bigger total damage increase in some cases, but even without any diminishing or increasing returns the real base ability / skill progression keeps the skill modifier surprisingly consistent. Crazy how solid the core character system is. Most CRPG systems I've delved into (including about 40 MMORPGs - MMO gamedesign is trash, who knew?) have had awful stat scaling/stacking right at their core, but Styg only does that with damage mod stacking in a way that really doesn't matter in a singleplayer game. (You know, things like plasma pistol execute crits hitting for 60x their base damage when you've basically got baseDamage*skillMod*critMod*specialMod and myriads of ways to increase some of the modifiers.)

looks like your playstyle is more focused on defense and mitigating damage rather than spiking the enemy down as fast as possible.
Which is not effective as focusing on damage given nature of games - you are the one, enemies are many, but it doesn't mean it won't work of course.
Yup, offense is best defense. :)

General / Re: The lost train, persuasion and joining the Free Drones
« on: October 17, 2017, 06:16:33 AM »
I should probably reiterate here what I told Phryg yesterday when he asked me about this - I thought you got the option to join FD after persuading them to leave the train and thus save Rail Crossing (even without lying to Herve) as long as you didn't report to SRO.

And in the current bugged iteration (or perhaps it happened only in one of the early 1.0.2 test versions) of the quest, it was possible to save Rail Crossing as a Free Drone which may or may not have been intended.

We should have a dedicated line during the persuation option to tell the Free Drone that we understand their fight against the protectorate but can't condone the fact that they doom Rail Crossing bye stealing the supplies, then let Rail Crossing have the supplies (ie : not lie to the mayor), and then have both choice offer to us.
So basically I'm in favor of this idea. Letting smooth talkers have an option to fix internal issues of the drones (mirroring how you can resolve the protectorate renegade situation) makes them more appealing faction and more impactful persuasion options are always welcome.

General / Re: anti-Carnifex cheese
« on: October 17, 2017, 06:04:02 AM »
I've never done a psi playthrough, maybe I should try before Styg nerfs it all to oblivion. :D Honestly though, every time I encounter an enemy that uses one of the abilities that ignore all defenses, I die a little inside. It's aggravating.

But back to the taser, the 3-turn cooldown is more than enough to prevent it from being OP in the player's hands. But if there ever comes a day when Styg decides to give it to enemies as well, I'll be the first one screaming for nerfs.
Heh, psi is only getting better with Temporal Manipulation. Besides, Styg already nerfed it to oblivion back in alpha! :P Yup, we're living in a post-psinerf era. If you can imagine playing psi without having to pay attention to psi costs or range, that's what it was like. Pure psi is still OP once you get the hang of it, but the current form with tiny psi pool and regen is more interesting to play. Now if only we could have Mind Darts put back into the game...

The taser is really nice, it makes many characters more fun to play at low levels when your toolset is very limited. And for some, it continues to be a trusty tool throughout most of the game. If it was tied to melee its appeal would be much more limited.

I don't think Styg will give tasers to human enemies, certain nice things are meant to be available only to crafters.
But I honestly would love to see enemies use some of the crafting-only goods like tasers and all the different armor parts. It would add variation and make crafting slightly less mandatory. You know how big of a difference it makes to your gunner when the RNG gods have chosen to equip bandits with anti-rifle vests? I want more of that. Imagine lobbing a high tier grenade at some zoners, only to see them survive? Damn blast coats... Or nanocomposite plates unexpectedly ruining your nice crits. Nowadays you always know from the graphics when someone is wearing fireproof tinfoil coils.

In that case, shouldn't you be screaming already? Or have you never stood next to a sentry bot?
Uh, apparently I haven't, not on the enemy turn at least. I've only played with different ranged builds, though, and as far as I remember the bots always either shoot back or launch a flashbang, instead of trying to use the taser.
Yeah, sentry bot tasers are pretty easy to avoid (even as melee - just move out of range before ending your turn.) Fun fact: they had integrated tasers years before players could craft them.

Don't you dare touch my psi, evil moderator person  >:(
Don't worry, Styg is planning no inappropriate psi touching. And would you believe, he is the only moderator around here. The man loves his spambots too much to let anyone else touch them!

General / Re: anti-Carnifex cheese
« on: October 16, 2017, 07:58:51 PM »
It's basically a "remove enemy from battle for 1 round" button that only costs like 10 AP.  I think there should be a melee attack check or something.

Let's compare that with psi buttons. "For 0 AP cost, all enemies are removed from combat for 3 turns oh and by the way your next attack against them is doubled lol" and you think taser needs nerfing? :P

Sad to hear things are still early

Don't read too deep into that, it just means Styg doesn't want me ruining any surprises or sharing any details that could change at any time before release.

Bugs / Re: Panacea Lab computer bug (again)
« on: October 16, 2017, 04:07:27 PM »
It's visible in your own screenshots....

By the way, the temporal ability texts on wiki are copypasta from Dev Log #49 and still subject to change.

I'd love to share some details on how things work, but it's still too early. Nothing's final and afaik at least temporal distortion has changed after the devlog. As for the feats, a smart zoner can probably work out their functionality or at least general theme by looking at their names and what the affected abilities have in common.

For quick reference:
- Future Orientation (all temporal manipulation abilities)
- Psycho-temporal Acceleration (the two psycho-temporal abilities)
- Continuum Ripple (Temporal Distortion)

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